Benny Klemm

managing director
Klemm Bau GmbH

Bilateral Meetings

  • (9.30 - 12.00)
  • (13.00 - 15.00)
DescriptionThis is a midsize Company, which is active on the market of dry construction (including paintwork) and PVC flooring. We are working for a lot of renowned purchasers in the federal territory of Germany.
Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities

Building installation work

    Roofs and floors



        Seeking sub contructor for dry construction and flooring

        We are looking for subcontractors they support us in transaction of our fields. Preferably the subcontractor should occupy 3-4 (dry construction) respectively 1-2 (flooring) skilled workers. Also the head-workman must understanding the German language and reading independently drafts.

        Cooperation Requested
        1. Outsourcing co-operation