Juan Ignacio Taibo

commercial manager
Fore Work 2015, s.l.

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DescriptionFore Work constitutes 2,005 in Bizkaia (Spain) in order to cover the supply of a wide range of Prefabricated Construction Products and Building Materials that allow us to participate in the most varied building projects. Integrating the latest technologies of Design and Manufacturing of Prefabricated Materials for Construction, we supply the following product lines for Industrial, Urban and Commercial Buildings: - Steel structures & elements: Floor Slabs, Roofs and metal Facades for New and Rehabilitation Buildings - Waterproofing Coatings - Prefabricated Homes
Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities

Construction materials


    Building materials for sale

    Looking for commercial agents and/or distributors of buiding materials to marketing:

    - Waterproofing Coatings: Facades and Roofs of Industrial and Urban Buildings.
    - Ventilated Facades for New Buidings and Rehabilitation.
    - Prefabricated Homes.

    Cooperation Requested
    1. Sales / Distribution