Paweł Matuszak


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DescriptionOn the market since 1997. We specialize in the construction works. Our services are directed to institutions, companies and individual clients. Extensive experience allows us to perform professional work entrusted to us. We focus on punctuality and customer satisfaction, while maintaining competitive prices. For their part, customers also receive advice on the selection and purchase of materials needed to complete the investment.

Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities

Architectonic, design and construction engineering services


      Maintenance, renovation and modernisation



          Building and renovation services

          Painting of all kinds of paints, including emulsion, epoxy, chlorinated rubber and other specialized paints, depending on the requirements.

          Papering walls, ceilings and other surfaces according to customer requirements, as well as the application of wallpaper spray.

          Filling substrates.

          Installation of plasterboards, partition walls, ceilings, attics and floors.

          Decorative ceiling tiles.

          Laying laminate flooring, wall panels and wainscot.

          Exterior insulation of buildings using polystyrene foam or mineral wool, with light-wet method or dry method, interior insulation of attics, ceiling surface, etc

          Application of mineral, acrylic, silicate, silicone and specialized plasters, etc.

          Installation of all kinds of decorative elements, inside and outside the buildings and all types of columns, niches and arches.