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DescriptionTechcool has been operating on the Polish market for over seven years. As specialists, we have a great deal with comprehensive investment services, but also create tailored to customer needs innovative solutions. Our services are used both in public buildings, shopping centers and logistics in the wider food industry etc.Many years of experience make our systems of ventilation, air conditioning and cooling almost irreplaceable. The solutions presented by our specialists are currently in many stores, pharmacies, galleries, halls, centers, warehouses as well as in private homes. Things that distinguishes us from the competitors are high-quality equipment, well-known and reputable manufacturers.
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    Designing, implementing, delivery, installation, sale and service of widely understood refrigeration systems for the industrial sector as well as private entities, including:
    Installing freon;
    Buildings for the food industry and processing (cold storage, freezers, storage, ripening plants, chambers of shock cooling);
    Enclosed structures;
    Counters, shelves, cabinets, freezing islands etc.;
    Condensers and condensing units;
    Monoblock devices;
    Compressor units and cooling unit;
    Air conditioning, etc.

    Offered by us assortment range includes full equipment in the field of broadly understood air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration.

    Our products are signed with the world's top brand manufacturers.
    In addition, the company offers its customers professional electronic security systems, which include high-quality camera systems, alarm and notification systems, computer networks, etc.