Marcin Konieczny

Ślusarstwo Kowalstwo Instalatorstwo Wiesław Konieczny

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DescriptionWe have been on the market since 1983. Currently, we manufacture and assemble all types metal constructions, complete fencing systems with automatic gates and installations for technical, medical and laboratory gases. In our business, we draw from a deep-rooted tradition of blacksmithing implementing advanced technological solutions used in today's metal industry.  We highly appreciate masters and specialists engaged with our company. Their knowledge and experience give us an edge over the competitors. 
Thanks to unique combination of traditional and modern methods of production we can incorporate hand-forged components to the complete, modern fencing systems and other architectural elements. 
Our mission is to meet even the most refined tastes of customers.
Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities

Building installation work



      Blacksmithing services

      We offer among others:

      steel structures (stairs, platforms, steel structures)




      gas, water and sewage installations etc.