Jens Hauswald


Bilateral Meetings

  • (9.30 - 12.00)
DescriptionSME from Saxony specialized in Expertise for Wood and Wood protection in the construction
Organization Type Self-employed person,
Areas of Activities

Architectonic, design and construction engineering services

    Construction of buildings

      Building installation work

        Offer & Request

        interior fittings & wood preservation expertise

        the company can offer long time experience in varios types of interior fittings such as interieur decorator, floorer, parquet layer, drywall builder as well as installation of standard building components (windows, doors, frames, shelves).
        As a further specialty the company offers expert opinion and survey in the field of wood preservation and impregnation in buildings.

        Keywords: interior fittingflooringinstallationwoodexpertise
        Cooperation Offered
        1. Technical co-operation
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        Cooperation Requested
        1. Technical co-operation
        2. Manufacturing agreement
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