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Chamber of craft and Small business of Maribor is an institution that is lead by its members, a non-professional functionaries and an institution of public law, it also deals with several public authorisations. The Chamber is representing their members towards the state and defence of their interest to maintain tradition. Our services are also professional and specialist consulting (business and legal advice), professional education and business events, trade fairs in Slovenia and abroad, business meetings (B2B) in Slovenia and abroad.

Chamber of craft and Small business of Maribor is very active in the field of internationalization (market access information), consultancy in the field of internationalization and access to financial resources and intellectual property rights, education for the presentation of potentially interesting countries and sectors, presentation of financing, loans and guarantees. Its doing market analysis and searching for new partners, so its helping and supporting their members in finding foreign business partners. Therefor its an organization of matchmaking in Slovenia and abrode.

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    Chamber of craft & small business of Maribor is interested in business cooperation with similar organizations, representing crafts and entrepreneurship.

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